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Deutz Hydraulic Equipment - 35hp Deutz , Power Pac ( ITEM CODE: 333HFH)

Deutz Hydraulic Equipment - 35hp deutz , power pack

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Parts And Wrecking Ditch Witch Trenchers - Ditch W ( ITEM CODE: 34KNNE)

Parts and Wrecking Ditch Witch Trenchers - ditch witch 3210 deisel

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Terex PT50 Skid Steer ( ITEM CODE: 34TXNA)

Terex PT50 Skid Steer

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Komatsu PC40 Tracked-Excav ( ITEM CODE: 34V7RR)

Komatsu PC40 Tracked-Excav

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Janke Double Disc Openers Parts-Tillage ( ITEM CODE: 34W7V9)

Janke Double Disc Openers Parts-Tillage

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Finishing Broom 750mm Cement. Hair & Fibre Bristle ( ITEM CODE: 34YC44)

Finishing Broom 750mm Cement. Hair & Fibre Bristle

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Thomas T255 Skid Steer ( ITEM CODE: 3794XP)

Thomas T255 Skid Steer

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Kingpoo Engines & Motors - V2 ( ITEM CODE: 37KECH)

Kingpoo Engines & Motors - V2

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JCB 411 Loader/Tool Carrier ( ITEM CODE: 3AMVFJ)

JCB 411 Loader/Tool Carrier

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1995 Case 560 Trencher ( ITEM CODE: 3CFAJF)

1995 Case 560 Trencher

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Tesab 10570 Crushing ( ITEM CODE: 3CRUKV)

Tesab 10570 Crushing

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New Iopak Conveyors & Elevators For Sale - IOPAK I ( ITEM CODE: 3E39CN)

New Iopak Conveyors & Elevators for sale - IOPAK IWBE-SS/3600 - Stainless Steel Elevator

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Kubota U17-3 Tracked-Excav ( ITEM CODE: 3ENFKC)

Kubota U17-3 Tracked-Excav

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Snack Food Spraying System ( ITEM CODE: 3EPKU4)

Snack food spraying system

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Allmand Light Tower - ML4 HAMRS 4 LIGHT ( ITEM CODE: 3F4HM4)

Allmand Light Tower - ML4 HAMRS 4 LIGHT

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Iveco 70hp 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine Engine ( ITEM CODE: 3FMHXE)

Iveco 70hp 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine Engine

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Paddle Auger ( ITEM CODE: 3FPPET)

Paddle Auger

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2000 Bomag BW120 AD-3 ( ITEM CODE: 3H4XJF)

2000 Bomag BW120 AD-3

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Used Okura Conveyors & Elevators For Sale - OKURA ( ITEM CODE: 3JR7F4)

Used Okura Conveyors & Elevators for sale - OKURA V-Shaped Belt Conveyor (Variable speed) with

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Horizontal Pressure Screen ( ITEM CODE: 3KM4W9)

Horizontal Pressure Screen

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2011 Bobcat E32M Excavator ( ITEM CODE: 3KVPMN)

2011 Bobcat E32M Excavator

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Construction Equipment for Sale

The construction business is an ever growing industry within the Australian economy. Its clientele extends from businesses, to commercial, and residential clients. Efficiency is a must in the world of construction, as time is equivalent to money. With so much demand for new construction projects, having the precise equipment and machinery needed to get projects completed quickly and effectively is incredibly important. As the industry grows, the tools required become more and more complex and typically more expensive. For this reason, a method to acquire these tools from trusted sellers and buyers is essential.

Selling/buying new or used construction equipment is a breeze on With an ever increasing daily traffic to the website, and millions of dollars worth of sales conducted on the website weekly, finding the right buyers for your construction equipment will never be easier. is unique because it allows buyers to place a price offer on any used equipment advertised on the site against the sellers listing price. Hence there’s a great chance you would pay less for comparable used equipment on than any other website, plus access to Low Percentage Rate Equipment Finance to buy your desired construction equipment and other machines and equipment.

Find construction equipment for sale now on and experience the unparalleled ease of use and navigation within the website. helps you find the best new or used machines and equipment in record time. Choose from thousands of listed items for sale Australia-wide.

For a complete list of all the new and used construction equipment for sale, please check out the list above. Once you are ready to take the next step, simply click the “show details” button, click on the half completed phone number to reveal the full contact phone number of the seller or just fill out the form to send your enquiry by email to the seller.

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