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Ventilation Fan 400mm With 5m Hose ( ITEM CODE: FXUJY3)


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Ventilation Fan 300mm With 5m Hose ( ITEM CODE: VT3YM3)


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Buy & Sell Dust Canopy & Exhaust Hoods

Dust Canopy hoods are essentially designed for collecting exhaust corrosive vapors and nontoxic materials. When mounted above areas featuring water baths or hot plates, they are useful in the collection of steam, heat and odors. Dust Canopies and exhaust hoods are crafted with a fundamental welded construction in work areas where the price and potential of a fume hood are not justified. They are available in either wall or island configurations. has a wide range of new and second-hand Canopy & Exhaust Hoods to choose from. You can choose from remote condensers, benchtop filtered hoods, ductless filtered hoods and many more using our user-friendly website by applying the filters. Several features can be added to meet your specific requirements. Depending on your needs, canopies are available in stainless steel or powder coated steel.


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