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Pfauter PA320 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine ( ITEM CODE: AEFWRP)


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Sunderland No.27 Gear Planner ( ITEM CODE: CW379H)


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Gear Cutting & Finishing Machines:

When you need high precision workmanship on your manufacturing pipeline, computerized and automated machinery are often needed to do the job. Gear cutting and finishing machines are built for this purpose: with accurate but strong milling and shaping capabilities, these machines can manufacture gears and other intricate metal parts and components quickly and easily. Find the best new and used gear cutting and finishing machines right here at!

Search within our vast selection of machinery and equipment, and you’ll easily be able to find the best gear cutting and finishing machines for your metalworking business. With our well stocked and diverse inventory, getting the right new and used machinery and equipment is a simple affair.

Whether it’s for intricate gears, or for large heavy duty component finishes, will surely have them all. Selling and advertising is also a breeze when you transact with us. Our sophisticated target marketing strategies, coupled with thousands of strong and growing weekly user base, means that making a sale is painless and hassle-free. With millions of dollars worth of stocks sold per week, maximizing your profit with your gear cutting and finishing machines is not only possible, but also quick and efficient.

Buy, hire and sell your new and used machinery equipment today at!

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