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2017 Workmate FL0301CL Flashing Light ( ITEM CODE: ARCJCW)


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2017 Workmate FL0202 Flashing Light ( ITEM CODE: FMVHM7)


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2017 Workmate FL12V Revolving Signal Light ( ITEM CODE: XFN49N)


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2017 Workmate FL0201M Flashing Light ( ITEM CODE: XRXJ4J)


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Profit margins and sales are very important, but the hallmark of a successful, sustainable business is its people and the public. Establishing personnel and public safety as one of your company’s highest priorities shows that you value the longevity of your business, and that you place trust and value to your people and the public above all else.

We at believe the same, and we have on sale a wide variety of safety lighting to complement our priority in personnel and public welfare. Various new and used fixed and portable lighting solutions are available for purchase; whether you require on-site, permanent lighting, or off-site, emergency kits, our vast listings ensure you’ll find exactly what you need to keep your men and the public safe.

We also have several off-grids lighting solutions for when line power is compromised listed on our site, ensuring your business is always ready for any situation. For safety lighting and more, is your one stop shop for trusted quality!

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