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Solar Panel 12 Volt 1.5Watts 115ma 3 Metre Lead ( ITEM CODE: C33XWK)


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Solar - Ecoboxx 160 ( ITEM CODE: HRUTY7)


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Solar - Ecoboxx 1500 With Ecotank 100 ( ITEM CODE: WU9HU7)


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Solar - Ecoboxx 1500 ( ITEM CODE: XRTV34)


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Solar Power Generators Sale |

Ezymachinesales realised that there needs to be a market where it is easy for industries to purchase all types of generators at reasonable prices. With this knowledge, we brought invaluable products such as solar power generators into the market. Solar power generators of different power capacities are listed on our website. Choose the one that best fits the needs of your industry.

All our products are of a high quality and made to last a lifetime. You can purchase both new and used solar power generators from our company. Give a call to the number given on the Ezymachinesales website to place your order and receive the same at your desired location. Our company has sales and distribution networks across Australia. The network includes cities such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Victoria. So save the Earth by purchasing s solar power generator today.

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