Dealer advertising listings are for trading entities such as companies, sole-traders, partnership or any form of business set up with more than 6 stocks at a time. It may have a logo, ABN/ACN or other forms of business set up. And wishes to sell new or used machinery or equipment.

Private advertising listings are for individuals who wish to sell privately possessed used machinery or equipment. Items must not be more than 6 at a time. It may not have a conventional business set up such as a trading or business name, and may operate from a private location without a logo or trademark.

1. Private adverts placed by machinery dealers are automatically suspended.

2. Sellers contact details should not be included in the description or body copy.

3. Machinery Description must be at least 100 characters long which may include: make, model, condition, hours worked etc.

4. Spamming or the use of brand names or other words inappropriately for the purpose of attracting buyers to a listing is not permitted.

5. Advertising listings must include photos and/or videos. Photos or videos must be of the actual machinery for sale

6. There should not be misrepresentations in advertisements. Representation may involve: Using words in the description of an item that do not describe that item Misleading indication of the location of an item. Placing advertisement in an inappropriate category

7. Do not infringe on third party intellectual property rights such as: Copying and displaying a third party’s logo, wordings, photo/video etc without express permission from the owner. Posting of imitation items.

8. Use of offensive languages or images are not permitted

9. Items advertised must be in stock and available for sale at the time of posting. And must be removed from the site within 24 hours if such item is no longer in stock or available for sales.

10. Only one identifiable item must be listed per advertisement

11. Items listed in an advertisement must be machinery or equipment related.

12. Buyer enquiries must be answered within 48 hours so as to maintain the trust and service level users of the site expect.

13. Advertisements and promises made within it must comply with Australian Fair Trading Laws prides itself for delivering value to both sellers and buyers. Abiding by these codes of conduct will assist us to maintain this high standard of service and the achievement of desirable value for all. Failure to abide by the above code may result in the suspension or cancellation of your advertisement and membership of the services provided by the site..